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Gifted Program

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Gifted Program


Creative Intelligence Agency (CIA)

At Neosho School District, we recognize that some students excel beyond average levels and possess exceptional intellectual abilities. Our CIA program is specifically designed to provide these gifted students with a unique and enriching educational experience that allows them to progress further and explore learning experiences beyond their current grade level.

CIA Program Overview:

The CIA program caters to the needs of gifted students, offering them opportunities to expand their minds and engage in advanced learning experiences. Each year, CIA selects a universal theme and subject focus that aligns with the general social studies curriculum. This approach ensures that gifted students not only have the chance to delve deeper into their areas of interest but also integrate seamlessly with their peers in the regular classroom.

Expanding Minds at Their Pace:

Gifted students enrolled in the CIA program are provided with a learning environment that is tailored to their unique pace of learning. They have the opportunity to explore challenging concepts, engage in critical thinking and develop their creative intelligence. By encouraging higher order thinking skills and fostering intellectual curiosity, we empower gifted students to reach their fullest potential and foster a lifelong love for learning.

How do I know if my child if a gifted student?

Each gifted child is unique in their own ways and each fit a variety of criteria. If you feel as if your child is a gifted student, schedule a meeting to speak with their teacher. Gifted students are not determined through one test, there are multiple areas that will be assessed to determine if your child meets the criteria.