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Central School

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Central School History


Central School

Founding Years
Back in 1884, Central School was built on the big hill overlooking Big Spring Park. It quickly became a big deal in the district, known for its great education. JC Gyer was the first principal, and the school was built by S.H. Cavanaugh for $8025. Imagine teachers climbing up and down Big Spring every day!



New Era of Learning
In recent times, the district introduced RISE, a new elementary school all about science, tech, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). This change meant that students and teachers from Central Elementary were disbursed to other elementary schools in a district realignment.



Central's Transformation
By the 2022-2023 school year, Central Elementary closed its doors for good. But that wasn't the end. The space got a new life as Central Campus, home to the district's alternative high school program. It was a big change, marking the end of Central Elementary but showing how the school could adapt to new needs.



Legacy Lives On
As we look back on Central's history, we remember all the teachers, students and community members who made it special. Even though the school's physical presence changed, its spirit remained. We'll keep honoring Central's past while embracing new ways of learning, making sure its legacy lives on in our hearts and minds.



First Photo Of Central

Photo from the first year that students attended Central School


Central From Main Street

Central School view from the downtown Court House