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Freeman Health System Performing Arts Center

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Freeman Health System Performing Arts Center


Welcome to the Freeman Health System Performing Arts Center.

The Freeman Health System Performing Arts Center represents a significant milestone for our community, reflecting our dedication to enhancing educational and cultural opportunities. It was realized as part of "The Next Step Ballot Measure," which received approval in June 2020.


Facility Features

This state-of-the-art venue features a spacious 1,500-seat performance hall, providing a focal point for artistic and cultural expression within the Neosho School District. Additionally, renovations and expansions to the lobby, installation of a modern ticket booth, establishment of an extensive band suite, and creation of an inviting alumni courtyard further enhance the facility's appeal.


Construction Timeline

Construction commenced in the summer of 2021 and concluded in the Spring of 2023. Spanning 37,943 square feet, the center now serves as a versatile space for various events, from school functions to community gatherings, fostering an environment conducive to learning and creativity.


Ribbon Cutting

The completion of the Freeman Health System Performing Arts Center was celebrated with enthusiasm by the Neosho community, alumni, donors, and educators. A ceremonious ribbon-cutting event held at Neosho High School marked the occasion, allowing attendees to explore the facility and enjoy live performances by local student musicians.


Significance Neosho

This facility not only benefits our district but also serves as a cultural hub for the surrounding community. With its impressive amenities including a 1,500-seat auditorium, orchestra pit, acoustic enhancements, fly loft, dressing rooms, and classrooms, the center is poised to attract a diverse array of touring events, plays, musicals, and concerts, enriching the cultural landscape beyond our immediate vicinity.


Commitment to Education

As part of a comprehensive plan approved by voters in 2020, the Freeman Health System Performing Arts Center underscores our commitment to providing exceptional educational and artistic opportunities for both students and the community. It exemplifies our dedication to fostering well-rounded experiences that prioritize learning and enrichment.