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2023 Bond Issue

2023 Bond Issue

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2023 Bond Issue





Continuous Improvement: Transforming Neosho's Educational Landscape

At Neosho School District, we believe in continuous improvement to ensure a brighter future for our students. Our commitment to enhancing educational programs and facilities drives us to provide the best possible learning environment for our community.


Building on a Strong Foundation: 2020 Bond Issue

Our dedication to improvement was evident in the multi-million dollar bond issue approved in 2020. The centerpiece of this project was the state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center (PAC), which officially opened its doors on July 15, 2023, marking a significant achievement in our commitment to enriching the arts and education in our district.

Dr. Jim Cummins, Neosho School District Superintendent, expressed his excitement about the Performing Arts Center, which symbolizes our dedication to providing exceptional educational experiences. This center offers new possibilities for our theatre program and promises sights and sounds that were previously beyond reach. However, our commitment to progress extends beyond the spotlight.


Evolving for Tomorrow: 2023 Bond Issue

While the Performing Arts Center serves as a shining example of our commitment to excellence, we are thrilled to announce a new chapter in our journey. The 2023 bond issue presents an exciting opportunity to advance agricultural education in our district.

The Neosho Board of Education approved the final ballot language for the upcoming April election during its monthly meeting on January 16.

“The district will be asking voters to approve a no-tax increase general obligation bond this coming April,” said Dr. Jim Cummins, Neosho superintendent of schools.

If approved, this bond will allow the district to make several improvements throughout the district, including:

  • A New Agriculture Facility: The construction of a cutting-edge ag building at Neosho Junior High School, an investment in the future of agricultural education.

  • Playground Upgrades: Enhancements at all elementary schools to create safer and more engaging spaces for our students.

  • Library Upgrades: Improvements to provide more resources and enrich the learning experience.

  • Bus Barn Cover Section: Additional space for essential operations.

  • High School Upgrades: Including FACs classrooms and facilities.

  • Security Upgrades: Enhancements to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

The new ag building represents the main objective of our 2023 initiative. It will offer:

  • Modern technology and expanded space to elevate our thriving agricultural program.
  • 21st-century lab facilities for live animal work, food science, animal science, plant science, and more.
  • The potential for growth and innovation, including new ag-related classes.

The anticipated completion date for this exciting project is late 2024 or early 2025, with the process set to begin soon.

















Your Support Matters

We want to extend our gratitude to the community for its unwavering support, which has allowed us to bring our commitment and promises to life. Your approval of these bond issues empowers us to continue our mission of providing the best possible education and resources for our students.

Stay engaged and informed, and join us as we work together to build a brighter future for our students and our community.