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RISE Elementary | Haas Building

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RISE Elementary | Haas Building History

RISE Elementary: Blending Tradition with Innovation


New Way of Education

In August 2023, Neosho welcomed RISE Elementary, a trailblazing institution housed within the iconic Haas Building. This forward-thinking institution, dedicated to STEAM education, embraces Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience. Admission to RISE is determined through a lottery system, ensuring equitable representation across all demographics in the district.


The Haas Building History

Located in downtown Neosho, RISE occupies the historic Haas Building, erected in 1898 by Edward Haas for his wholesale grocery business. Featuring Victorian Romanesque architecture, granite columns and a mix of stone and brick, the building served as a center for canning and shipping over the years.


Preserving Heritage

Acquired by the Neosho School District, the Haas Building underwent extensive renovations to accommodate RISE Elementary. While honoring its storied past, the building seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art facilities and technology, providing an inspiring environment for learning and discovery.


Haas Building 125th Anniversay 

RISE recently commemorated the 125th anniversary of the Haas Building's construction. Through engaging activities organized in collaboration with local historical societies and national monuments, students embarked on a journey through time, exploring the building's rich legacy. From interactive exhibits to hands-on experiences, these initiatives fostered a deeper appreciation for Neosho's cultural heritage.


As RISE Elementary continues to redefine educational norms, it serves as a reminder to Neosho's commitment to preserving its legacy while embracing innovation and progress.